As a Volunteer Football Coach and PTA President Mark and Linda saw firsthand how the established suppliers did business and knew there was a better way. Their concept was to partner with the Groups to supply great looking gear on time – while allowing the volunteers to enjoy their children’s events. With this idea Custom Threads & Sports was born.

While we have remained a Community Based Business that supplies Screen Printed and Embroidered Team Apparel & Spirit wear, along with Chain Stitched Varsity Jackets – The Scope of our Work and the Resources that are Applied to the Business have expanded along with our Customers.

The Focus of Custom Threads & Sports is to Manage Branded Apparel Programs for your Team, School or Organization. Our Business has developed the Following Skills which has allowed us to become the Supplier of Choice for Both Best in Class Performers as well as those aspiring to become members of that Group.

  • Program Development and Management – We don’t just sell a “Box of Shirts”. Just think – No More having to collect money.
  • In House Graphics Capability -We don’t pick designs from a book.
  • Best in Class On Line Stores – Managing our Custom Designed Stores and Web Presence is a Full Time Position.
  • Short Cycle Turn Around Time – Get your Gear at the beginning of the Season – Not the end!
  • Stylish Gear for Players, Parents and Coaches – You will actually want to wear this stuff.
  • Individual Packaging – The Group coordinators don’t need to sort.
  • This is our Full Time Job – Involved Parents are great, but do you really want to Trust your Group’s Gear to a Teammate’s Mom with a Heat Press in her basement. 
  • Community & Program Reinvestment – We spend our advertising money in the Communities and with the Programs we do Business with – Scholarships, Donations, Sponsorships.

Make sure and ask your current supplier what they are giving back to your community and remind them that a local zip code does not mean community involvement.

Our Goal is to become part of every community that we do business in – we look forward to talking with you about showcasing your Team, School or Group’s Brand.

It is our Job to Make you Look Good.

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